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  We can’t believe it’s already for us to rock out again. So let’s get a move on and get

backstage. It’s good to see all of you and thank you for stopping by Sweetsview. Wow, our

stagehands are “rockin” this week for they are already to take us to the stage. As always we

got to turn on our spotlights. “Great job!” Is everyone up on the stage? Alright, let’s do this!

            Storms, storms, storms, are you getting tired of them yet? But all we can say is luckily we haven’t got hammered like Joplin, Missouri. Just something to be thankful for and our hearts go out to those in Joplin who have a long road to go.

            Saturday the Winslow Lions Club and us at was at the big car show at Hornady Park in Petersburg, IN put on by Timeless Classic.

Hornady Park Car Show May 28th, 2011

            Memorial Day 2011 here in Winslow and all around the good old USA takes time out to honor our veterans who fought in all of the wars for our freedom that we may sometimes take for granted in our busy lives, so let’s hold up a second to give them the honor that they deserve. I’m proud to say that Winslow, IN is one of the small towns that holds a Memorial Day parade. We want to thank each and every one who took part in the parade and the ones who work in front of the scene and behind the scene to make this happen, you should be proud of your efforts for helping to honor all of our veterans!

Memorial Day Ceremony in Winslow Indiana, 2011
Memorial Day Parade in Winslow Indiana, 2011

            Just for kicks we’re going to play a new game called “Guess this location” we hope you enjoy it.

Guess This Location #1

            How many of you notice that our local town hall got something new? Just what is it? It is some real nice lettering for their window so everyone can now find Winslow Town Hall and just what their hours are. Looking pretty sharp even a bit snazzy.

            Vernon Arnold also a friend and fan of Sweetsview and by the way a man in his time had been many places and continues to expand our mind by taking us to places that we were unaware of.

Case in point, last Friday he invited us to go to Evansville to take part in a “Drum circle.” In case you don’t know what a drum circle is it is influenced by Native American tradition of Spiritual healing, prayer and wishes sent out to the great beyond though beating of the drums. This is the simple meaning it is a lot more detailed than that. Me and the Mrs both enjoyed this and it was something that was both cool and different to take in. due to the respect that this event should be showed we didn’t take any pictures there.

            Afterwards we all got together and enjoyed a meal where we had a chance to meet and talk with several new people; all in all it was a neat experience. Thank you, Vernon for expanding our world.

Here is a picture of one of Winslow’s long time businesses by the name of the Bob Inn where they have more than just drinks. Included are lunches and a good breakfast plus from time to time they bring some pretty good bands for you to hear. The manager of the Bob Inn, Brenda Riley, told us we are more than welcome to use pictures of the Bob Inn on our web site. Thank you Brenda Riley. Besides this is a better picture anyway. The Bob Inn is also home of the hanging Harley, the Bob Inn also reminds you that if you are going to drink, drink responsibly.

            Here are two reminders for you. First, the big one Father’s Day is on June 19th so don’t forget Dear Ole Dad on his big day. The next one is Flag Day on June 14th so fly that American Flag, for Old Glory could use it.

            Already? Well my time is up, Sweetsview has got to go and get ready for our next show. Here is the Mrs.

Thanks Norm, here are the birthdays and anniversaries from June 1st to June 9th. Joy Nelson on June 2nd, Mary Russell on June 2nd will be 22 years old; Russell Epley on June 3rd will be 55 years old; Tyler Gross on June 3rd will be 24 years old; Happy Vinnedge on June 4th; Mike Riley on June 4th will be 57 years old; Olivia Green on June 4th will be 3 years old; Dana Meyer on June 5th will be 52 years old; Ruthie Hayes on June 5th will be 79 years old; Jenn Deffendoll on June 7th will be 31 years old; Joshua D. Braunecker on June 7th will be 24 years old; Blayze Timothy Reavis on June 7th will be 2 years old; and Crystal Smith on June 9th will be 28 years old. Nancy & Dan Reutepohler on June 3rd will celebrate 8 years of wedded bliss; Mike & Brenda Riley on June 4th will celebrate 33 years of wedded bliss; Donna & Matthew Shaw on June 7th will celebrate 8 years of wedded bliss; and Jeff & Lisa Jones on June 7th will celebrate 4 years of wedded bliss.

            As the lights dim, check on your family and neighbors to make sure they stay cool, slow down and smell the roses, and smile, wave, and say hi to everyone you meet.

June 2011

How many of you noticed that it’s been a week and we haven’t updated Sweetsview. That’s because we took a week to recover from all the filming and picture taking. Plus I wanted to be ever mindful of our awesome “IT” guy! For a website, its more work than Facebook for the work is already done for you but we write and take more pictures and shoot more videos than they would allow you to post! Plus they own it, whereas we own   
Now that we got some rest it’s time we all get backstage and get ready to rock out with Sweetsview. Our stagehands are still putting the final touches on things.    So we got just a minute or two. So let me say this right NOW! Thank you for all of you who checked out Sweetsview our little website is growing more and more with your help and that’s not an easy thing to do with all the stuff for lack of a better word. That’s on the internet! We are working hard to keep it both family friendly all the time brining you some fun videos and cool shots and things that are often overlooked in life. What? Already it’s time? Okay, you all ready? Let’s go and rock the show we call Sweetsview. 

 As we walk down this hall of ours we reach the point where we turn on our spotlights and this week’s turn goes to a bunch of stars, starting with Lisa Poehlein and Susan Craig, all of the awesome Winslow Lions Club and even the Winslow Town Council and many others who worked behind the scenes, who work so hard to put on what was going to be a cool even only to have it rained out. Our hearts go out to you for all of the hard work you put in, it had all of the earmarks of a rocking good time! So please would all of you reach up and turn on our spotlights. But we do already have a date picked out for this to happen again. So please make time on July 16th more on that later. We all have to take the stage. 

Is it me or is our little stage in need of an add-on? Anyway it’s time we put the spotlight onto yes, our postcards. We talked with Sweetscolumn and they allowed us to use the postcard. Ok I just asked the MRs if she would share her postcards, ha-ha! So check them out.    So there is no reason to be shy you can send a postcard to Sweetsview Winslow, IN 47598 and we will share them with our fans, all 1500 plus of you! And the World Wide Web!

Social Facepalm
The Fly video
This video falls under you just never know what’s going to happen when you film something. I call this the fly video. Enjoy!
Guess This Location #2
guess what gang? It’s time to play guess this location. Do you know where it is?

.Here’s something I bet you didn’t know that Sweetsview got an update from YouTube. Our little website we call now had its very own channel on YouTube. That’s right a channel! See what happens when you work hard at keeping things clean and fun without making fun of everyone or everything. Wow! Our very own channel that goes out to the world! Take a second to think on The WORLD! No pressure there right?

The videos where shot down by the Ohio River in Evansville, IN. We hope you enjoy and thank you to the fine folks at the Pagoda and the Old Riverboats pictures were took there also. So if you can we suggest you check it out, it’s pretty cool!

.Now I hardly ever do this in fact this is our first BOOO. That one goes out to the (we will let you use your own word here) who thought it would be fun to spray paint on our town sign that says, “Welcome to Winslow.” What a dumb thing to do! How would you like it if we came and spray painted on your house or on your folk’s house in big bold lettering? How would you feel? Now I’m not saying were going to do this at all but in life what goes around comes around. There is your lesson for the week! Something to think on! Now I’m not going to waste my time so I’m ending on that note.   

So how about this one? Our IT guy who works hard on our website has to do even more hours at work infect a lot more and yet this man still sees the bigger picture and the work he is doing does bring some joy to our fans. So if you don’t mind let’s all give our IT guy a round of applause. For me and him together rock this thing we call Sweetsview for it’s just not me that rock this thing it’s our it guy, my wife (the Mrs), my daughter, and most of all you our fans that lets us know that we do have something here. And if we ever do make it big whatever that is. We can look and say I was a part of that from the beginning and just look at us now.    Are you sure we don’t need to add on to our stage? My time is up and you rock and go out and do some good in the world! Have a good week and we will rock this next week back with the Mrs.

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Lets just be friends
I'm sorry but were going to have to let you go
I've been cheating on you
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