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May 20th, 2012

Wow! It’s that time already, why let’s join up with Sweetsview who is already backstage,

 besides you know you’re always welcome! So how about we say hello to everyone and

 we’re glad to see you.  Just what’s up? That one is way too easy. At long last the flood

waters are slowly disappearing. Now let the cleanup begin.  So hey, how about we make

our way towards the spotlights. Who is going to turn them on this week? Okay, how about

 you moms reach up and turn them on and see you thought we forgot about you (no way!)

 We just wanted to let you know that even after your day has passed we’re still thinking of

you. Way to go Mom’s! Alright time to storm the stage..

Now that we’re up here it’s time to rock. Did you like the Winslow Little League Parade? We hope

 you did at least, some of you did.  Now here is all the info on Winslow Memorial Day Parade (it’s

 just our way to honor our vets as they should be) it’s on Memorial Day May 30th. Line up starts at

1:00pm at the Winslow Elementary School with

the Parade starting at 2:00pm going to Oak Hill Cemetery where taps will be played and a few

words will be spoken. Hope to see you there.  If you would like to get in it, vet or not, you can call

 Buster McCandless at 789-2255 and he will take care of you.

How would you like to hear something juicy and hot? Why just lean in here and I will tell you a

secret. It all started one night as most things do, Vernon, Barb, and I was all up in Jasper looking

 for something different and low and behold we found it. It’s called the Secret Ingredient

Restaurant where we found them open and decided to check them out, where our waitress is

none other than one of our local stars from Pikeville by the name of Sabrina Eilert made sure we

felt welcome and was on top of getting our food and drinks.    Then the super nice General

Manager Denise Lechner was also making sure we were ok. While

talking with them we found out that they’ve only been open a month. So if you find yourself in

Jasper during their hours don’t be shy stop in and check them out and let them know you heard it

from us, then enjoy the fine eats.     Here are a couple pictures of John and Squeak Gayharts and

 Phillip Demo Car before the Derby, hopeful next week we will have a video or at least a couple

 of pictures. If it works out, because I also have to work Saturday. Hoping to slip away. 

 One of our local rockstars rocked it big time at Oakland City University Laura Lee Kinder is now

a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Math Education with a

Business Minor Summa Cum Laude. I’m sure her folds are as proud of Laura Lee Kinder.

 Way to show the world that Winslow does produce some smart citizens, we wish her only the

best in her what should be a bright future.    How did you like the pictures of the Iris? Grandma

can sure grow them! Now it’s time to end for

this week. So be safe, help out neighbors, and Rock On.
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