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September 2011 archive. It has officially been one whole year of Happy birthday to us. Thank you rockstars out there. Established September 2010. Gibson General Hospital Photos taken at Spring Mill winslow alumni parade Guess This Location #7 Winslow Musick Fest 2011 part 1 Winslow Musick Fest part 2 Winslow Musick Fest part 3
Demolition Derby in Winslow Indiana on September 2011 Video by Norm Sweet. part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
The final part, part 5 will be uploaded
2011 Winslow community Festival video 1 & video part 2 below. Guess This location #6 ** *A note from's IT dept....There should have been a drawing of a model jumping out of one of those big birthday cakes on our stage with guitars and explosions, etc at the top of the page, however when our commissioned art came back from our talented DA artist... and it was determined that the image may not have necessarily been appropriate for use on our stage... we'll just leave that one on deviantart, thanks to J.W.anyway... oh yeah sorry Norm. Happy birthday to sweetsview, no worries will always be a family friendly website with only family friendly content. Thank you all readers for our first year of modern media and hopefully we will have another rocking year.

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